Insect of the Month - Bird Mite

Our insect of the month is the Bird Mite. the bird mite goes about its life relatively unnoticed until a change of circumstance causes them to switch their host from birds to humans.

This change usually occurs in May, as has been the case this week. Nesting birds in lofts have been extremely busy feeding young chicks over the past 6 weeks. This week we have seen those young chicks taking flight and leaving the nest for the first time. In many cases the nest will be totally vacated and for those bird mites that have been relying on the nesting bird as a food source this presents a dilemma. Within days they will start to search for a new host, they are attracted to heat, moisture and CO2. Mammals, especially humans are especially at risk of bites and bedrooms can become infested quickly as these extremely small insects search through the room closest to the vacated nest.

They are active mostly between dusk and dawn and although very small, they may be seen as a black moving mass moving out of hole in the ceiling.

Treatment requires fumigation immediately 

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