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  Hornets really are the largest of the wasp family and can seem quite big when compared with the ordinary Wasps. The danger of Hornets is that they can mobilise the entire nest to defend against a potential attacker. Never under any circumstances agitate a Hornet nest. They are able to give multiple stings and the sting is more painful than typical wasp stings. RIDTEK can treat Hornets nests in a professional and responsible way so that there will be no further threat to you. Just give us a call on 01635 592 444.



We are a family owned, Professional Pest Control company that is staffed by friendly technicians who understand you need help fast. 

We operate in Newbury, Thatcham, Kingsclere, Highclere, Brimpton, Aldermaston, Whitchurch, Hermitage, Kintbury, Newtown, Tadley, Basingstoke and the surrounding Villages. If your not sure if we cover your area, just give us a call on 01635 592 444 or drop us an email via our contact us page.

It's quite rare, and we don't expect this to happen, but if the treatment failed, you can be confident that we will be back a.s.a.p. to sort the problem out at no extra charge. So give us a call for Hornet & Wasp control in and around Newbury. If you would like to hear what our customers are saying, please check us out on Check a Trade.

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